March 13th, 2006



Medwise is ON THE BALL!

On Friday, I faxed in a form to have this company send my mom's diabetic supplies to my house, and bill Medicare. That way, she gets them all for free. Guess what showed up UPS today??? You got it! Fax Friday night, have it on Monday. We got two packages of disks for the monitor she has, and we requested a new lancet device and got it with 100 lancets.


I'm impressed with this company! All she has to do is sign the release for them to bill Medicare directly and send it back in a postage-paid envelope they included, and she can have them regularly delivered and she pays nothing. If you are diabetic, or have ever had to buy diabetic supplies for someone else, they are EXPENSIVE!!!! Test strips especially. We got one box of test disks for her monitor and it was $40-100 depending on how many you get inside. Lancets are like $20 bucks or so a box. It adds up.

One item down and only 40 billion to go. I have to get her surgery and rehab scheduled, and the BIG pain in the ass - VA Benefits application.