March 1st, 2006



That's short for 'Severe Spoon Shortage'. I must have really taxed myself between Thursday and Sunday. I slept really hard Sunday night, and after taking the kids to school I promptly fell asleep in my chair WHILE WORKING. It happened again later in the afternoon. I went to sleep fairly early, before midnight, and took the kids to school again that morning. Came home, and you guessed it, fell asleep in my chair again!!! At 3 pm, I had to take mom to her doctor, and sitting in the waiting room I nodded off a few times. Last night, I was asleep in bed before 10 pm, and slept through until 8 am. Took the kids to school and almost fell asleep in my chair again! The only thing that kept me up was a co-worker calling. I also woke up with a bitching headache.

Bring my energy back! :)

I'm hoping since I slept so much last night, and my eyes are actually open right now, I'm getting caught up.


On a happier note, I got a message the other day from an old 'good' friend. He's been in Japan forever, has lost his mohawk for a shiny, shaved pate, and appears to be an amazing tattoo artist now. The work he's had done on himself is equally impressive. It is always interesting to me to hook back up with old friends. You learn what they've done over the years, and sometimes are impressed. I am with his life - he is using his artistic talent, and is soon to be a first time dad. It made me smile to hear from him.

I think he was the the one that opened my mother's eyes to the fact that appearances aren't everything. At first, she was put off by his appearance. As she got to know him, she found that he was very nice, thoughtful, and a 'stand-up' kind of guy. It made her take a second look at most of my 'odd-looking' friends. She changed her mind and decided she would much rather me hang with people who cared about me, were intelligent, artistic, and motivated me, instead of clean-cut, drugged-up backstabbers. :) M. was the start of that, so thanks for that!


Is it really only Wednesday?