February 10th, 2006



Satan, I have met your mistress, Epilator be her name.

What man came up with this - and you know it had to be a man - torture device? It feels like spinning blades ripping each hair out at high speed. WAIT! That's EXACTLY what it is!

This had better last longer than shaving. It's cheaper and cleaner than waxing.


I had another mother destroy my faith in humanity, then another one brought it back.

First, I was the parent reader today for Matthew's class. There is a little boy that he and Michael play with at the park a lot. He lives about a block from us. He and Matthew were playing after class, and I was JUST about to take out a piece of paper to put our contact info on so the little boy could have his mother talk to me about getting the boys together. That's about the time he said "I get to play with Michael and Matthew at the park all of the time. They can't come to my house because they might get too wild".

Excuse me? Are you saying my kids are too wild for you? Needless to say, I didn't write down my contact info. They can just keep playing at the park.

After we got home, I called to RSVP for the birthday party that only Michael was invited to. This is a little boy that both Michael and Matthew are friends with, but only Michael got an invite. We were sure it was just that she got the class list, and only sent to those kids. I was torn on whether to mention Matthew or not to her. I didn't even have to. I think her little boy must have asked why one was coming but not the other, because when I called she was quick to say that the invitation was for both Michael and Matthew.

Whew! Problem averted. Now I have to buy a second birthday present :)


It's the weekend. Yeah. It's the weekend. I'm about halfway done with a great puzzle - an actual 1000 piece puzzle that you work on the table *laugh* I got several new Sudoku books, and a book on Crested Geckos. I got some new vine and a hammock for the cresteds. It now is a bit more 'jungle' like, and they seem much happier.

My only problem is that neither Blizzard nor Cyclone have eaten yet that I've seen. I know they are nocturnal and they very well might be eating while I'm asleep. I don't see them touching the baby food mixture I made (strained peaches, crested gecko meal replacement powder, water and honey). I haven't seen them go after a cricket. Moving to the new home was probably a bit stresful, like it was for the leopard geckos, so maybe they will start eating in the next week or so.

God knows Bruno has caught up. I was worried about him and now I'm considering a diet! He's like 3 times the size of when I bought him, his tail is HUGE and fat, and he will eat just as much as you give him - anytime, night or day. Maude eats normal, but Bruno is a PORKER.


Michael wants a bunny, but he's not getting one (if at all) until he's at least 7 or 8. Meanwhile, I'm considering getting him and Matthew their own Hermit crabs for them to take care of. Maybe for their birthday in April.


Oh, I got these cool mechanical pencils 2 for a dollar yesterday. I bought 4. When I got home, I realized they had lead that has three colors, red, blue and green. But they are all swirled. Turn the pencil one way and it writes one color, turn the other and it might blend. It makes my Sudoku puzzles pretty cool looking! Rainbow-ish. :)

Life's simple pleasures.


Now, I must got spray benzocaine on my newly ripped up legs.

Cyclone got a girlfriend! (We hope!)

Last week I posted about Cyclone, the new addition to our family. I wanted to find a mate for him, and had a few people keeping their eyes open. Finally, I got a call that there was a nice crested that they THOUGHT was probably a female. Only time will tell :)

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As neither were actively eating, tonight I put some of their mix (baby food peaches, crested gecko meal replacement, vitamins, water and honey) on my fingers and they lapped it up. It is promising to me that they will soon realize the small bowl is there and feed for themselves. No interest in crickets yet.