February 7th, 2006


First day with the new feet

I went out to check the mail and fell right off the oh-so-steep three-inch curb. It's not like I tripped, or there was something in my way. I just...lost the ability to step down. Busted my ass. More importantly, twisted my left leg around. It hurt a little bit when I got up, so I'm in preventative mode. I do not want to fuck up my knee just four weeks after having surgery on it. I'm sitting back with an ice pack on it and I took an anti-inflammatory.

PLEASE just let it be ok.


We've got birthday parties out the wazoo coming up - a friend's baby is turning one, and the boys have a friend that is turning 5. This means running around to buy presents, spending time with lots of kids, and getting my kids hopped up on sugar. Yay.


I'm starting to get really excited on two fronts. First, my mom is scheduled to move into the senior community at 8 am Saturday the 25th. I'm going to make sure things go smoothly, but be out of there by 11 or 12. Then, I'll come get the kids and head downtown to see georgiaskydiver!


Grrr. Off to work some more.