January 26th, 2006


Can't sleep

- I feel icky, so I can't sleep. I will lay on the couch and work Sudoku puzzles.

- I need to stop feeding my geckos by putting a worm in the palm of my hand. I had my hand out today for Bruno to get used to it, he stepped onto my fingers, thought the roll of my palm next to my fingers was a worm, and bit me. Not that leopard geckos can really 'bite'. He also looked confused and walked away. Guess mommy isn't as yummy as a cricket or worm.

- I did more studying, retook some practice tests for Alcohol and Drug Abuse, and made in the 80s. Now I have to find a testing location and see how soon I can take the test. Yay.

- I sent the kids to school today so they could see the fire fighters and fire trucks that were coming to their school. No, they aren't well yet :) Michael has a massive ear infection he is on meds for, and was running a fever (only 99.5) as recently as last night. Both still have coughs and runny noses, but they've been home sick for about 5 days now. And they really wanted to see the fire truck. Bad mommy! Bad mommy!

- There is nothing quite as boring as attending a two-day meeting via the phone. Especially when it is a brainstorming session for a project. Tomorrow is day two. We talk a LOT in Marketing. :)

- Finally sent out invitations to our annual Super Bowl party yesterday. Our friend Jax is going overboard since she is from Pittsburgh. She's bringing a Steelers flag to fly out front, and making traditional Pittsburgh / Czech food. YUM! I really don't care one way or the other about the teams playing, but I'll pull for the Steelers in her honor. The party is just an excuse to get together a drink with friends, let the kids all play together, and make good use of our 2 65" HDTVs. Not that they don't get a good workout with cartoons :)

- I had a gift certificate for Harry and David's, so I ordered a gift basket with lots of yummy fruits and snacks. Should get here in the next few days.

- Sometimes I think I'm raising crickets instead of lizards. They take more work at times - I had to buy new food, clean their cages, clean the feeding tubes, and start the new crickets gutloading.

- Michael wants a puppy. When I said no, he said he wanted a bunny. Not until he's a few years older and can take care of it. No way!

- Still can't sleep. Back to Sudoku.

Sing it!

Somehow, I've gotten on a Reggaeton kick lately. Umm, I don't speak enough spanish to know half of what's being said. Or even a quarter. But DAMN they are some catchy songs with great beats.

The three I've been listening to over and over tonight:

Guayaquil by Don Omar

Gasolina by the Reggaetones

and my favorite:

Oye Mi Canto by Big Mato, Daddy Yankee, Gem Star, N.O.R.E. and Nina Skyy

Boricua HA! Morena (HA!) Dominicano (HA!) Columbiano (HA!)
Boricua HA! Morena (HA!) Cubano (HA!) Mexicano (HA!)
Oye Mi Canto

(I do know that the chorus up there is calling out people from multiple Hispanic nations to 'Hear my song')