January 21st, 2006



I have become a slave to Sudoku. If I am to keep my deal with jillions to study this weekend, someone needs to hide my Sudoku book and block my access to Web Sudoku.

How can something so simple be so addictive?

Off to TRY to go to sleep. *cough cough* And to take some Nyquil.

Do we just pass around the same germs in this house? It's like a game of hot potato.

Cracking the whip

Ok, I reread all of my study materials for a Drug and Alcohol Abuse test. I went online and took the study test (243 questions!) and got 60% correct. I then reviewed the questions I got wrong. About half were ones where I 'out-thought' my original guess.

I think I'm going to bite the bullet and go ahead and schedule it. I only need a 50 on it for it to count. :)

jillions, thanks for giving me the proverbial boot to the ass! I owe you one of our famous margaritas! Or better yet, I've been on a white russian kick lately, and I've got all of the stuff for that.