January 17th, 2006


Fire! Fire! Fire!

When we built our house, we were very excited about the large gas fireplace in the living room. When we moved in, we had a couple of small fires - just a few hours.

Then we got the gas bill! Just those couple of fires ran the gas bill up by more than $100!!!! When I talked to the gas service to see if it was a mistake...I mean, that HAD to be a mistake. Surely nobody would ever have a fire if it cost about $35 an hour. They said that when you are heating the house, and you have the flue open and a fire going, it sucks all the heat out of your house and you have to work harder to heat the house.

Umm, yes, but $35 an hour???

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What was even funnier was when Scott came home.

He. Was. DRUNK!

He just looked at the fire, pointed, stammered, pointed, then told me to make it go away. I didn't get an explanation. I think it was freaking him out or something. :)

Then he licked my forehead and went to pass out on the bed. All before 9:30.