January 12th, 2006


Chirp, Chirp, Chirp - It's a multi-topic post

I got my latest shipment of crickets and worms from Fluker Farms today. Generally, when I get the tube, I can tap on it a bit to make the crickets shake down to the bottom, remove the lid, and put them into the cricket cage. NOT TODAY! I'm standing there at the table, with my whole family around me, I take the lid off and BOOM!!!!! Out pops about 20 crickets. We spent a good hour chasing them and trying to get them in the box. I think next time I'll do this particular chore in the front yard. :)


I think I'm getting some of my energy back. I've been effective at work the past couple of days, and have gotten things done around the house. I just feel calmer and less depressed. Maybe upping the Zoloft helped.


Today, I did my state, local and Dallas MTA taxes online for BeaDistinct Jewelry. It was so dang easy once I talked to their assistance line to figure out what they meant by 'total sales', 'taxable sales' and 'taxable purchases'. H&R Block wanted at LEAST $150 to file it. WTF? It took me 2 minutes once I figured out what those three things meant! My only question is whether I'm forgetting something. How do I claim a loss? This filing, just being for sales taxes, doesn't ask anything about your business expenses. While I did good, and could have made more money if I had stuck with it (maybe now that I'm feeling better I can pick it back up), I'm still down about $500 overall with the company. Doesn't it count for something when you lose money during a year on a company, like when you take a personal loss? When does that happen?


I had a weird experience today. Last month I missed our all-hands call because of a doctor's appointment. Today, I realized I had not checked my voice mail in days because I was trying to catch up after the holidays and the surgery. One of the messages was our admin asking whether she should send my award to the office or my home.

Ummm. What award?

Took me half the day to find out, but on the ONE call I miss, several of us received awards for our contributions with certain programs. For my contribution to the Partner program, I get a nice shiny plaque thanking me. More fodder for the home office walls.

That certainly helped elevate my mood!


I think I've got a cold :( Thank God tomorrow is Friday.


Matthew got sent to his room and placed on the upper bunk for a while for REPEATEDLY saying 'What the heck'. I know, it's not really BAD, but when you have a four year old saying it over and over, despite being told not to, you know he is just testing you. He thought it out in his head beforehand. He kept talking about his friend Zachary at school doing 'bad things' and saying bad things, and getting in trouble. I think this Zachary gets Matthew in trouble sometimes too. After saying that all afternoon, he looked at what his daddy was cooking and asked him 'What the heck is that?'. We calmly talked to him about not saying that, because it wasn't a very nice way to talk. Not a minute later, he said it again. Same talk, but with the warning that he would be sent to his room. Five minutes later, he opens a bag and yells 'What the heck?'. Room. Now.

It's better than when he was saying Damn it, but STILL!

The rebellion has started already. The revolution will be televised.