January 10th, 2006


Bounce, Bounce

I actually could almost bounce. My knee is feeling that much better day after day. Tomorrow is only one week since the surgery.

Today I got my stitches out. One incision is healing up nicely, the other is slightly inflamed. There is also a place where the tissue covering my patella is inflamed. There is a nice rosy splotch that has a different sensation than the rest of my knee. Dr. Montgomery says it will heal up soon. Unless something is still bothering me in three weeks, I'm done. YAY!

I did get more info on the three things that were done in the surgery. I knew I had a medial meniscus tear, and that there was the possibility they would have to smooth out the bones. All I caught at the end (I was quite loopy) was that they also removed 'some tissue' above my knee that could have caused problems in the future. Scott didn't know much about it either, so I asked the Dr. today at the appointment. It was a plica. Evidentally, when you are born, your knee is segmented into sections. As you grow out of infancy, those join and retract to become a single section. This was where one of those sections remained within my knee. Bizarre, but they removed it. It also says on the sheet a 'Chondral flap tear', but I couldn't figure out what exactly that meant.

Who cares? I can move my left leg! I walk with next to no limp just 6 days after surgery, and I can make a full revolution on my bike!


I'm starting to get some of my energy back. I hope the trend continues.