January 1st, 2006


Happy...well, you know.

Happy New Year.

Feliz Ano Neuvo.

I didn't even shower today. My highlight? Buying milk, waffles and picking up lunch from Subway.

Scott and I watched the Carson Daly New Years special, along with the Dick Clark New Years special. (Thank you, dual tuner TIVO). Both pretty much sucked. He bounced back and forth between World of Warcraft and watching the show with me. Pretty uneventful, and probably the least we've ever done for New years.

2005 sucked. My father-in-law and brother-in-law lost their homes and everything they owned. My mother-in-law lost her job. One of my best friends who lived next door moved 30 minutes away. My knee got hurt. My husband had to travel a LOT. I went into major anxiety and depression. A good friend passed away.

There were high points - I got promoted two grades and got a pay raise. I got a bonus at work. My kids are wonderful and have grown so much in the past year. I graduated from business school.

2006 will hopefully be less eventful, and more fun!!!! I hope to feel better emotionally, physically, and reign in the sweet tooth the holidays and depression have given me. I vow to get more focused on work and pound out a few of my goals in the next month or so.

My knee hurts desperately, despite ice and pain killers, so Wednesday can't get here soon enough.

(I only get to use this icon once a year, so enjoy)