December 30th, 2005



I am a zombie. At least that is how my husband describes it. Because I haven't been talking to him much about how depressed I have been, he thinks my lack of motivation is because of the medicine. The Zoloft did decrease my anxiety, but it hasn't seemed to touch the depression. Went to see the shrinker today and he upped the dose - 150mg for the next few weeks, see if there is a difference, if not go to 200mg. We'll see how that goes. On a good note, the clenching of my teeth is a side effect of the Zoloft. NOT a new nervous habit.

I haven't done ANYTHING during this break from work other than make sure the kids don't kill themselves, and sit in my nest. My nest has grown recently - I added another table and a reading lamp. I can now kick back in my recliner, with a heating pad on my back, my left leg raised to elevate my knee, my laptop on my lap, a soda on the table next to me, watching something on the 65" HDTV. Ahhh, too bad I have to leave this chair at any time.

Yay. My Matthew came to snuggle with me. Must go now and get kisses. You have to take them when you can get them from Matthew. :)

Please send motivation and laughter my way.