September 27th, 2005


Sucks to be old

I really am falling apart. I thought exercise was supposed to HELP you! When I started with the recumbent exercise bike, I went a bit overboard. After a couple of weeks, I had pulled the tendon in the arch of my foot, connected to the heel. At least, that's what we assume happened. I did a six day steriod pack and have been feeling much better. The other night, I started out slowly again - I only did about 15 minutes one night, skipped the next, then did 15 minutes last night. I also played 'basketball' with the kids in the foyer, where I did a lot of squats and jumps showing off (Yes, I'm 6'2" and played basketball. It's cliche. Now STFU.).

Last night, I realized that I had pulled or torn a muscle in my calf. You can actually see the spot in my calf where it sinks in a bit. It hurts when I stretch that calf muscle at all, but otherwise isn't that bad. I've got ice on it today.

I guess I just need to take a couple of weeks off to heal up and then start back in REALLY slowly.

What sucks is that I had myself half convinced to check out dance studios. I want to take a dance class, but I'm hesitant because of my age and looking like an absolute spastic middle-aged white woman. I used to love going swing dancing with Mike (just a friend) before the kids were born. I wish we still had FunEd around here! That was one way to take classes like that with other adults, many of whom were doing it on a lark just like you. I want to learn ballroom and some sort of modern dance. Just for the health and fun of it.

Need help

Does anyone have any ideas on what I could do about this problem? We bought a chest freezer for out in the garage. Unfortunately, the outlets in the garage are GFCI. While we were out or asleep or something some time ago, the power blinked out. We never even knew about it. The way we found out was because it tripped the GFCI in the garage, everything in the freezer thawed and started leaking out the bottom into the garage. GROSS!!!!!!!

We have since cleaned, bleached and cleaned again. But we are afraid to plug the freezer back in and use it again.

Is there a way to bypass a GFCI circuit, or force it to reset when the power comes back on? If the power goes out, we KNOW there is a freezer out there we have to contend with. However, if the power blinks off when we don't even know about it, we want the freezer to come back on when the power does.

What is YOUR oddity?

Thinking about my body falling apart got me thinking about medical oddities.

Do you have any odd / weird / unique physical or medical thing?

I've got two, nobody would ever know about :)

1) It freaks out eye doctors because I actually have a thin strip of colored iris going across one of my pupils. It stretches as my pupil expands. Doctors say it just never detached. Doesn't affect anything, and I would never know it was there. But if you look really closely at my pupils, you can find it sometimes.

2) I have something called a Babinski's Reflex. This is something wrong with my nerves, where if you run something up the sole of my feet instead of curling in on themselves, the toes flex outward. Oddly, that is a test that doctor's use to test for brain functioning. Note to friends: If I'm ever in a horrible accident, PLEASE let the doctor's know I have this anyway! I'm not brain damaged. Well, at least not from the horrible accident! :)

So, what's your oddity? Are you double jointed? Organs backwards inside of you? Born with three kidneys? :) Share time!