May 7th, 2005



Since things have been so negative lately, I really enjoyed such a simple and joyful morning.

Scott is working a trade show in Vegas this weekend, and will be home late tonight. He called us last night in a GREAT mood because he had won a few thousand and now we can afford to take a REAL vacation for our 10th wedding anniversay in September. That gave me good dreams :)

I woke this morning with the boys playing quietly in their room. Matthew and Michael had both gone to the potty already. Matthew was dry all night for the second night in a row!!! Why can the child not go a single day without multiple accidents, but be dry two nights in a row? It was a great feeling, and I'll take it *laugh* We then had green eggs and ham for breakfast, with apples, and threw on some clothes to play in the backyard. It will probably rain later today or tomorrow, but right now, the temperature is great. There are lots of birds around the feeder, and we had a cardinal out there for a long time. We watched ladybugs crawling on the flowers.

Now we're back to resting inside and we'll go back outside later if the weather holds up. I love the simple pleasures of spending relaxing time with the boys in the backyard. It even gave me a few minutes where I wasn't aware I had Dorothy Hammill hair :)

Instinct takes over

I'm not sure how I should feel about this one.

A couple of weeks ago, we put a bird feeder out in the backyard down by my garden. Now that the birds are hip to this, we've got quite a few of them that come around. We all love watching them. Our dogs are out in the backyard quite often and I've never SEEN them even take notice of the birds. Pepper wouldn't bite a flea, so she would probably just bark at them anyway. Barqs is a terrier, so I've been very surprised that she peacefully coexists with the birds.

Or does she?

This weekend, I've found two birds in the backyard torn apart. She catching and eating the small ones. I guess she does have some terrier instinct left in her.

So the question is - do I remove the bird feeder so the birds go away, or do I just write this off as nature?


And on the LACK of instinct front - Remember those hippety-hop balls? The big ball with a handle that you sit and bounce on? 35 year old mothers should not try to show their kids how to do that and get too carried away! I was bouncing around the back yard and busted my ass. It must have been the funniest thing they've seen in a while. :)