December 31st, 2004


Hello 2005

I took down Christmas today, and that always depresses me. I packed up the tree, the stockings, the lights, the cards, the advent calendar and all the rest. It makes the house feel bare.

However, today was the best day to do it. I might be depressed for a couple of hours, but then Scott and I are going out ALONE for a nice, late New Year's dinner and drinks. We're going to Mignon, which is supposed to have pretty good steaks. I'm going to put the kids to bed in an hour or so, and start getting ready. I just hope I make it to midnight!!! I was asleep by 9:30 last night!

Earlier today, we went out for lunch with the boys at Hacienda Ranch. Michael and Matthew got to ride the ponies and had a great time. After that, I gave in to something all of my boys have been asking for - booster seats for the car. They had gotten a little big for the car seats they had. In a way, I think it is cool that they are finally big enough for booster seats, using the regular shoulder belts. But the rest of my is horrified! My babies could reach over and unbuckle themselves at any point! They are no longer in the safety of a five point restraint system! The seats are not attached to the car in any way, other than having the belt across them. I'm going to have to let go some day. I just didn't think it would be this soon. Don't they have five point restraints for 15 year olds???? :)