December 29th, 2004


Does that come in blue?

I've become my worst nightmare - a Plano mommy. For those who aren't familiar with the area, this means a somewhat affluent mother of multiple children, driving an SUV or mini-van, dressed high-end (but casual), has someone to clean the house and cut the yard, who loves to shop.

I went to one of my favorite shops today, Tall Etc. (I'm 6'2", so VERY hard to find clothes that fit). The last time I bought something there was in June of 2003, because they are pretty dang expensive. I got a thing in the mail about their after-Christmas sale, so I decided to go out there. OMG! They had this velour track suit on the sale rack, in a chocolate brown. It was PLENTY long, the hoodie was cut long so it was sitting at my hips instead of my waist, and the sleeves were long enough as well. It was slimming because of the great cut. AND ON SALE!!! Unfortunately, they only had the brown.

I got home and started thinking about how hard it is to find clothes that fit well and are still attractive. Soo........I went on their web site and found they still had that outfit available in black and boysenberry. I ordered them immediately.

I don't think I've spent this much on clothes for myself in YEARS!!! I'm a clearance rack or Goodwill type of shopper usually. I can't wait to get my new outfits, and I'll be wearing the heck out of the brown until then.


(I knew I had achieved Plano when I pulled my mini-van into the garage and had to ask the cleaning crew to move so I could bring in the groceries and my shopping bags, and set up a fast-food picnic for the boys in their room. What happened to me?)

OH!!!! I 'girlified' my iPod yesterday!!! Scott just shook his head. The boys and I went shopping, and then to the Apple store (which happens to be in the mall near one of their favorite play areas). I got a cup-holder attachment to hold the iPod in the car, and got a bright pink iSkin to protect the system. I think it rocks, but Scott thought I had ruined it. I really wanted one of the ghost ones, which glow in the dark, but they didn't have them there. I've got a mommy-playlist, which has some of my more explicit dance-type music in it, then a family-playlist, which is music mommy and daddy wouldn't mind listening to but that doesn't have overtly sexual topics or cursing, and I am trying to build a kids-playlist which will be just their music (TMBG No!, Veggie Tales, things like that). What fun!