December 8th, 2004


The Christmas Spirit

And no, the Christmas Spirit isn't 40 proof!

I actually cried from joy today. Really, and truly cried. Spontaneously.

Since I was 11 weeks pregnant with Michael and Matthew, WAY back in 2000, I have been an active member in my local Mothers of Multiples group. When I gave birth, I only missed one meeting. Outside of one meeting because I was out of town, and one because I was sick, I hadn't missed meetings in over three years.

Until about 4 or 5 months ago. Because of my medical problems, Matthew's medical problems, Scott being out of town so much and various other things conspiring against me, I haven't been to a meeting or any of the events. I've been emailing with our interim president, to keep in touch when I could.

Today, I got a Christmas card from the group. Enclosed was a nicely sized gift card from Wal-Mart to make our Christmas 'a little brighter'. It just hit me hard. Sometimes I forget how great these women are as a support system. I miss them a great deal. Our next meeting is on the same night as the boys' Christmas pageant at school. If we get out on time, I'm going to try to go in to the meeting a little late.

But now on to the promised photos of my pumpkin, Matthew, when he had the tube last week. He's a trooper!!!!


Express yourself.

I channeled Martha Stewart today.

Not the money-hungry corporate entity, but the 'Take 300 one-inch squares of coordinating material and stitch them together to make a keepsake washcloth' Martha Stewart.

Matthew has to wear an angel costume for the Christmas pageant. I was actually going to go to Party City and see if they had leftover Halloween costumes. I go back and forth. Some days, I'm super mom. Other days, it's whatever easy and fast food. Today, was the former.

I took several white coat hangers, formed two into a pair of wings and covered them with sparkly snow blanket. That was then edged with silver garland. Coming off the middle of that is another hanger that goes up to a halo surrounded with silver garland. Then a white pillowcase became a 'gown' with neck and arm holes and a silver garland belt.

God help him. I hope somebody else has this flimsy homemade angel costume and Matthew doesn't look the fool. He'll be a well-loved fool, but this IS Plano. Talk about channeling Martha Stewart!