December 6th, 2004


Such is life...

Things here haven't been THAT exciting, so there hasn't been much to write lately. I've been feeling that my posts sunk into a pit of negativity, because that's where my life had headed, so I'm trying to turn that around.

My first step towards turning things around is by taking some of my vacation. My last day of work before going on vacation is Wednesday, December 15, and then I don't go back until January 4th!!! I _MUST_ study during this time, but I'm not going to do much else. Just enjoy the holidays and time with the family.

I've been working on Christmas cards. Today we got my photo printer working again, but only from my laptop. It doesn't seem to want to work AT ALL with WinBlows 2000. So today I printed out wallet size photos from the boys' school pictures to put in the cards. I messed up and got cards with glitter on them. IT'S EVERYWHERE!!!

In a few days, I start something new. We did testing a few months back, in the hopes to find out what was causing some 'issues' in my life. I had been moody, irritable, would lash out, would cry, all kinds of things. Turns out that I am very low on progesterone, which causes a lot of the issues I've been having. Especially when the ratio of progesterone is very low in relation to estrogen/estridiol/whatever. This Saturday, I start hormone replacement therapy. I thought that was something that menopausal women did, but I am willing to give it a try. They say it will take lots of playing to find the dosage that works. I just hope it doesn't cause horrible side effects like weight gain (although weight LOSS would by rather nifty), hair growth, massive halitosis, or other fun things! *laugh*

I did finally download the pics of Matthew with his tube, but haven't gotten an ftp program back since rebuilding my computer. Perhaps tomorrow sometime I'll take that on and get some new pics posted.