December 1st, 2004



For the first night in a long time, life seems to be taking a breather. The house is clean. The kids are in bed. I don't have any outstanding chores (outside of the fact that I SHOULD be studying for a test but I need a night off). My pains from the fall down the stairs are easing off a little bit.

Earlier tonight, I wrapped Christmas lights around the ficus by the fireplace and replaced a lightbulb in a lamp here in the living room. This allows me to turn on just those lights, without the overhead lights, for a more serene setting. I am kicking back on the couch with a Diet Dr. Pepper, a heating pad on my back and the remote. The dogs are curled up next to me just being cute. I'm going to catch up on some shows tonight!

I get so caught up in the day-to-day. The medical issues. The pain. The struggles with the kids. The loneliness. The housework. Schoolwork. Stress from work. It's so nice to catch your breath and think about why it is all worth it. I think I need a real vacation. It's probably time for a girls weekend, even if just here in town. A couple of nights of drinking, dancing and...ummm...drinking :) Oh, and laughing like there is no tomorrow.

On a totally unrelated note, today I got my five year award from Sun. I've got to make a decision on what I want. They have a good digital camera, but I just bought one recently that is slightly better. There is a nice Bushnell telescope, but it doesn't come close to our 4 inch reflector. There is jewelry, Waterford crystal, a nice Kenneth Cole messenger bag, things like that. There is one thing that isn't that exciting, but I might get good use out of. There is a three piece Samsonite luggage set. I've never had matching luggage, and my current bags are just TRASHED. I'll have to think about it some more. Be practical or be fun?