October 8th, 2004


Give me ideas!

Ok, so with Scott unemployed, we didn't get to have our big blowout crawfish boil in April. Now that he is gainfully employed, we are going to have a fall steamer. Crabs, mussels, clams and all of the fixins. We've just sent out the invites this morning and already have 20 RSVPs. Ummm, it's going large. We'll have the grill going with dogs for the kids or other meat for the adults who are anti-crustacean :) Scott will spend most of the day steaming in his giant cajun boiler. We'll be serving lots of beer, soft drinks, and Scott's now famous deadly margaritas and hand-made-from-scratch-just-short-of-actually-cracking-open-a-coconut pina coladas. I CAN'T WAIT!!!

So, Scott has two things he wants to do this year, but I don't have any ideas.

1) He wants to have at least two 'kids' (over 21 though) come in and be wait staff - just serving pre-mixed drinks, picking up as they see empty cups, chatting people up and just keeping things moving so WE don't have to do all that and can enjoy ourselves. Problem is - where do you get people like that?

2) We want to have some sort of entertainment, at least for a couple of hours. We've ruled out DJ, since we'll just be piping in music and don't want it to be so loud for the neighbors. Scott thought about possibly having a caricature artist come, and us paying for about 4 pictures and doing a drawing. My only issue with that is I don't want our guests to feel pressured to pay for drawings in order to enjoy our 'entertainment'. We thought about doing a balloon guy for the kids. Does anyone have other ideas for entertainment?

I'm a bit psyched on this one. I'll have to go get some Halloween type decorations for the backyard since it will be on October 30.

Don't suppose any Huntsville crew want to take a vacation and join us? *laugh*

This year, thankfully, we won't have that huge bounce house taking up the backyard. It was a really great idea and the kids LOVED it - but it took up a lot of room. It's not like we have a huge backyard.