October 2nd, 2004


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Yes, yes. Pictures, pictures. They WILL get posted someday soon.

So, Scott promised the boys that they could have a computer this weekend. Today, he got up and set everything up for them. Last night, we had gone to Best Buy with them so they could each pick out a computer game. Matthew didn't seem to have any interest in it, but you couldn't PULL Michael away. He became instantly obsessed. He spent several HOURS working on a puzzle game where he had to direct a car around town to find several clues to throw a party for a puppy. Then, we got him switched to this preschool educational game. He spent the rest of the afternoon painting by numbers, shapes and letters, counting, singing songs and other games. Then Matthew finally found something that interested him - a match game. He's pretty amazing at it (in my motherly opinion). We just may have found an effective reward/punishment system for them. Computer time.

I've spent part of the weekend working on beadwork. I've started doing more bracelets and getting a bit more organized. I finished my mother's bracelet, which is in black, silver and pearl with one row saying Michael and the other Matthew. I also put together a small bracelet for Riley, next door, who is 3 and just had her tonsils out on the 30th. I finished a photo and bead bracelet for my mom. I just have to start getting some photos of these things. I'm torn that I would really like to start selling these on the side, and I've talked to Jill-bob about it, but I'm not sure what kind of legal and financial things would need to be set up.

I spent the morning with my mothers of multiples group trying to figure out ideas on how to revitilize the organization. As we are a non-profit and everything is done on a volunteer basis - keep in mind, we all have at the very LEAST twins, some with other kids, some with triplets or MORE - it is very hard to get activities going and keep them going. Hopefully, some of the fresh ideas will support our members and keep them involved. The group was a great support to me while I was pregnant, helped me figure out which end was up when the boys were little, and have found some very good friends.


Fall Steamer at our house is planned for October 23rd. Invites will be sent soon. I'm not sure if we'll have bounce houses and all of the things from last year, but we might. The kids certainly enjoyed it and it kept them out of the way.