September 26th, 2004


With time comes strength

The hubby and I, as of this past Thursday, have been married for NINE YEARS.

To celebrate, we decided to pack on a few extra pounds. *laugh*

On Thursday night, we went to the Melting Pot, and they had set up (at his request) a beautiful back table with pink roses. We shared a couple of bottles of great wine, ate WAYYYYYY too much food, and I gave him a nice watch which he had been needing.

Friday, we got up and took the kids to the park to spend some time with them since they were out of school. Around 11, my mother came over and we took off for an 'adults only' weekend in Austin. Driving down, we stopped for lunch at a Czech bakery. Yummy koloches, other pastries, and pecan brittle!!! Yes, you are beginning to see a food theme?

We also stopped at Inner Space Caverns, and went on the tour. Pictures will be posted soon. We have always said we wanted to stop there, so we finally did. It was beautiful, interesting and a nice 79 degrees the whole time!

I took him to the Iron Cactus that night for dinner and lots of expensive tequilla. We did (or, mostly he did!) the luxery flight of tequillas, and we each had many custom margaritas. When we got back to the hotel, we went to the hot tub for a while and fell into bed.

WE GOT TO SLEEP IN UNTIL 9 AM!!!! Let me repeat that for those of you with kids that are a bit slower, like we are. We got to sleep in until all of 9 o'clock in the morning.

Saturday was dedicated to friends and more food. We went over to Kent and Meg's house and they made lunch. After lunch, we all walked with their son down to Barton Creek to toss rocks for the dog. It was good to have some exercise to battle the amount of food we took in. That night, we met Chris, an old friend from near New Orleans and met at Saba for dinner. We shared lots of great dishes, had a few drinks and then headed on down 4th street. We hit Fado's, which is an Irish Pub, and then The GingerMan, which is one of my favorite beer halls. The GingerMan had the wierdest Polka/Country band playing - which I can only attribute to them being the only band available that even remotely came close to an Oktoberfest band.

We slept in until nine again!!!

After checking out of the hotel, I took Scott to a Pho place for lunch that Lethe and her husband introduced me to. We were very full and headed back to Dallas.

I've been doing laundry all night and getting together clothes for the kids to get school pictures taken tomorrow. It was like being thrown back into the fire. Thankfully, I took tomorrow off from work as well, so I'm probably going to go buy a coffee table and end tables for our living room (assuming it will go with our new couch which won't show up for a few more weeks), read a bit, do some schoolwork.

God, don't even get me started on my latest class. Introductory web development. You have GOT to be kidding!
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