September 5th, 2004


An eventful weekend

Ok, so it hasn't really been an eventful weekend, but at least we haven't been sitting around the house. My back is feeling pretty good, except when I first get up in the morning or overdo it. I start water therapy later this week.

Have I mentioned I love electric hedge trimmers? :) We have these bushes, I'm not sure what kind, but they have grown to massive size over the last four years. I can trim them down into a nice cube-ish shape, and a couple of weeks later there are these three foot runners shooting out all over the place. I have to go out and lop those off. Thankfully, it isn't TOO hot out there today because it rained a bit this morning.

Here has been our weekend so far:

Friday night - Took a bath using my new test bath accessory tray. LOVE IT! I put a candle on it, my Diet Dr. Pepper, and 'Angels and Demons' by Dan Brown. I just relaxed in a really hot tub for a long time, then slipped into bed for a blissful sleep.

Saturday - I went and bought a couch and loveseat. The ones we have in the living room are 9 years old and beat all to heck, and no longer white. There's an odd stain on one side where a glass of Ovaltine was spilled into it. Last weekend, Michael and I went to several furniture stores to check out couches. We liked one at Stacy's ok, so this weekend, we went back and special ordered the couch and loveseat in a dark brown microsuede. It's treated, so it should clean up easily. Before the boys were born, I bought a rocker recliner in a tan microsuede and it has held up to them pretty good. It will be 6-8 weeks before they deliver it, and then I'll have to decide on a color so our living room isnt' so NEUTRAL. After buying that, we took the boys to Mimi's cafe to eat lunch.

Scott had mentioned to me earlier that Edward, our freshwater prawn, didn't eat the past couple of days. After we got home, Matthew looked at the aquarium and said we had TWO Edwards. We looked, and sure enough, Edward had molted. He had been hiding under the coral, but now that he is out, he is HUGE now.

I stayed up late and put together a rough draft for the final in my class. I sent the draft off to my teammates for their revisions. I like taking control of the final because I am assured of the quality :) Control freak. yes. Control freak.

Sunday - we got up early this morning and went to Dim Sum. I stopped by the office afterwards to send off some expense report information. Michael didn't want to go home, so we went to Willow Bend Mall, got coffee and let the boys play in the play area. Scott walked around for a while and I watched them, then we tagged and I got to roam a while. I ended up buying one of those FOM pillows from Brookstone. It's heart shaped and I LOVE it! You can't help but play with it. Imagine lycra filled with REALLY REALLY TINY styrofoam beads like you used to have in bean bags. After coming home, I trimmed the hedges and am now vegging while the boys watch cartoons.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring! Maybe we'll cook out. Tonight we might take the boys to the park with their scooters. I really like having a few days to just play it by ear - no schedules.
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