August 21st, 2004


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What a great day so far! The kids slept in a bit this morning (until a little after 8 am!!!!!), and I feel back asleep on the couch for a while after we did breakfast, medicines and got dressed. We all got ready and went into Grapevine today - Grapevine Mills is like a super outlet mall. We thought the boys would enjoy going to the Rainforest Cafe to eat lunch.

How wrong could we be?

There is a giant animatronic alligator as you to into the storefront. It scared both of them so much, and Michael was practically crying! We had a 45 minute wait so we walked around the mall for a while. Matthew suckered his daddy and he scored a 16 X 20 picture of two Manatees underwater. I know you've seen these pictures - they have lights behind them and move a bit to make it look like there is moving water or other things. Anyway, Scott talked the guy down over $20 on the price and Matthew is now a proud owner of a piece of 'artwork'. Hmmm. Let's hope he and his brother don't destroy it :)

Anyway, we went back to eat and Michael sat next to me practically SHAKING. He wasn't too scared to eat though! He ate calimari, mini hot dogs, shrimp, chicken, apple sauce and drank lemonade. Matthew had gotten over his fear by then and was having a great time. When I took Michael to the potty, he told me he was scared out there. All I could do was reassure him and try to show him that the animals weren't real and we would never let anything hurt him.

As we were leaving, because they were so well-behaved today and we don't get out to places like that very often, they got to pick out these little plastic carrying cases that they picked out 15 various insects and reptiles to fill. Little plastic ants, flies, lizards, scorpions, spiders, snakes and more! They are in love with them. When their daddy went to pick up the picture they had bought, I took the boys to the books-a-million and they each got to pick out one book and a coloring book. They do love their books!

We're back home now and the kids are having 'quiet time' - which pretty much means they play in their room for a while and if they happen to fall asleep we rejoice :) Naps have gone by the wayside now, but you can still tell the difference on the days they don't take them. Walking around so much did a number on my back, so I took a couple of pills and am laying down with ice on it. It seems like forever since I had the work done on it, but it's only been four days. I would not have traded such a great day out with the family for anything - so the discomfort is well worth it.

I wish every day could be like today, with all four of us out having fun, well behaved kids and both employed so we can indulge little things like Matthew falling in love with a picture. :)

*sigh* Saturdays rule.
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