August 17th, 2004


Getting to know the Parker Road Surgery Center...

Matthew has certainly pepped up and is feeling great. He started back to pre-school today. He was hesitant at first, screaming bloody murder that he wanted his mommy. He eventually calmed down and had a great first day back. We'll go through it all over again after his next surgery on the 27th, with another week out of school and another first day back. Hopefully, that will be the end of it and he'll breathe much easier with clear sinuses for the first time in over a year.

So, to back up, on Friday I went to see a new pain management doctor about my back problems. The one I was going to seemed to not mesh with me, had unrealistic expectations for treatment results (stating after each procedure that I should 'never' have any more pain), and finally booted me back to my primary care physician. She found me a new pain doc, and I saw him Friday. He decided that since I had experienced pain relief to various degrees with past facet injections, he would go ahead and do a facet neurotomy. This is where they go in and cauterize the nerves that lead to the facet joints in the spine. It gives a 60% chance of pain relief for anywhere from 3 - 18 months.

This afternoon, I went in and had the nerves on my right side burned, and next Tuesday I go in to get the left side done. I feel like I've fallen down HARD on my tailbone on concrete and broke it (both the concrete and my tailbone). The pain killers help :) The new doc says that while it took me only a day or two to recover mostly normal functioning after my injections that this will take at LEAST twice as long and I should expect to be in pain and mostly in bed for three or four days. This serves a dual purpose in that while I am recovering from the neurotomy, I am also healing a herniated disk in the same area.

I'm truly blessed (bet you didn't think I was going to turn the story of four surgeries into a positive post) that I have such a great support structure around me and that I have such a great work/school environment. Thanks to my wireless laptop and the fact that I work totally from home, I am still able to work normally despite being confined to bed. I also attend university online, so there is no loss there either. My husband went with me to the surgery center and my mom picked up the boys from school while we were gone. Scott is great with keeping them downstairs away from hopping on mommy, and will be taking them to school since I can't drive. Next week, he'll be out of town on business, but my mother will be staying to watch the boys and my next door neighbor and other friends have offered help with meals and such. Jill-Bob is nice enough to drive me for the surgery and stay with me in recovery until they release me. She doesn't know (YET) how much of a beast I am without food for so many hours or how talkative my nerves make me :) Everyone has stepped right up to help us when we need it, and I'm thankful and blessed.

*snore* That's one problem with being in bed on pain killers. Nappy time overtakes you randomly *laugh*
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