August 11th, 2004


Before/After pictures

How can ONE three year old take up most of a king sized bed? Matthew was all OVER the place last night and I had this small corner of the bed. :) He seems to be doing much better today. Still has a bloody nose on a pretty regular basis, but he is handling things like a trooper. Not complaining much about pain and he seems to have quite a bit of energy. More than I do *laugh*

Anyway, here is sort of a before/after thing. And I also have a 10-second video that I think is pretty funny showing the effects of the 'happy juice' on him.

I went to my GP doctor today, because my pain doctor told me to start working any issues through her. The pain doc I was seeing kept telling me before every procedure that I should not have ANY pain again after it (unrealistic for arthritis), and seemed to push things back that any problems I was having were because I was doing something wrong instead of the procedure not working or needing to try something different. His last directive was 'try exercising 5 days a week instead of 3' (I walk as much as possible during the week, but only do my specific back exercises 3 times a week) and 'your chest is too big, go get fitted for a better bra'. My GP was pissed that he gave me such a blow off and showed me where he sent her a note stating that he wanted her to work directly with me. She has referred me to a new pain doc, who I start to see on Friday, and she started treatment on my herniated disc (pain meds until I can start regular treatment), gave me some more anti-inflammatory medicine for my arthritis and even gave me something to try for stress. She seems to be under the impression I have too much going on in my life if I'm spending time crying on the floor :) I guess I see her point, and we'll see if it helps things and my sleeping.

Anyway, the week is half over, and I'm so happy to see Matthew feeling a little better. When I went to the drug store to get my scrips filled I got a humidifier (can't find ours for the life of me), some bubble stuff, a Jungle Book video (cheap knockoff, not the Disney one, but still watchable) and....A stuffed Scooby-Doo who shakes his head. I got the things from his Grandmamma (Scott's mom) as she said she wanted me to pick up a 'feel better soon' gift for him. He's pleased as punch.

Thanks, everyone who bothers reading this, for all of your thoughts as we have been going through all this with Matthew.
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