August 1st, 2004


And the beat goes....BLAH

I haven't done a lot of posting this month. Looking back, they haven't had a lot of substance. Probably because I don't want to analyze my thoughts too much lately. I feel like I had a lot more patience when they kids were first born and I was completely lacking in sleep than I do right now. I wonder how much good this degree and this paycheck are versus having a mother who snaps at the slightest provocation or spends the evening crying.

So, I've been trying to keep my thoughts light and have a good time. My travels for work have kept me mostly occupied. I actually have to fly to Austin in the morning for just a few days to train a new contractor. I can't wait to have a little help on this project, which is due to be launched in just a couple of weeks, and she sounds like such an interesting person to boot. She has an incredible background in marketing communications and project management (what I need from her), but she has also worked teaching twins sign language and been a senious P.A. on shows such as Buffy and Angel. Very rounded individual. I hope she brings a good perspective to this project.

Monday night I am supposed to get together with Lethe, which ought to be a bright point. I really should call Meg (my other friend in Austin) and see what she is doing Tuesday night, but I haven't gotten around to it. BAD FRIEND!

I am just TIRED and STRESSED. At least, that's what I'm going to blame it on, because the alternate is that I'm losing my mind :) I have three more classes, the capstone class (where you bring together everything you've learned for your degree) and a couple of CLEP exams I need to take during the holidays. I should graduate sometime in the first few months of 2005. My nights and weekends will belong to my family again. My only stress will be work.

We're in the middle of a reorg again at work. I don't know who I'll be reporting to in a few weeks, or how my job description will change (if at all). I really like what I do, and I'll continue to fight for it as long as the company lets me. Just when my boss finally says 'You're underpaid and I'm going to try to do something about it', we find out he probably won't be my boss much longer.

The more things change, the more they stay the same :) Reorgs are a way of life at my company.

What's been going on since I posted last? Hawaii party for the birthdays of two friends. We actually played drinking games and I drank way too much Pina Colada and Beer and got sick. Yay. Haven't done THAT in a long time. I also went to an aromatherapy party with Angela. Bought several 'feel good' products and can't wait for them to be delivered.

The boys have been possessed by minor demons for the last week while they have been out of school. They start back in two days, which I will be OUT OF TOWN for. :( Michael and Matthew will actually be separated until Matthew gets potty trained. I never wanted to seperate them, but they don't give me a choice. There comes a time in school where they draw a line - they can't go forward if they are not trained. Michael is trained during school (he still has the occasional accident), but Matthew does not care. AT ALL. He honestly could not care less about the potty. We've tried everything - rewards, candy, praise, T.V., peer pressure, the neighbor kids trying to teach him, and putting cheerios in the potty for target practice. Now would be the time to add that if your child REALLY likes food, especially cheerios, don't put them in the potty and ask him to pee on them. Matthew got REALLY upset and cried for a long time on that attempt. Maybe being separated from Michael for the first time will be the kick in the butt he needs.

So, for the last week, Scott and I have been playing lots of City of Heroes. Even the kids recognize it. 'That your superhero, Mom?' 'You getting bad guys, Mommy?'. It's a pretty good stress relief. Wait, Scott and I have been playing? Yes. Shortly after coming back from California with the game, Scott got addicted to and we had...conflict. So I went and bought him a copy. Now, our 'romance' for the evening is sitting side-by-side with wireless laptops and teaming up to kick some butt. He's a bit more dedicated, and therefore about 5 levels over me. It makes for great backup - if I can't complete a mission, I call him in to help me. :)

Anyway, time to put the little demons to bed. They've been tearing up and throwing everything today, and it will be a good final evening in the house to get them in bed and pick up everything. I'm on my second glass of wine and everything will be...

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