July 19th, 2004


That poor Mr. Matthew

Well, a bit over 2 weeks ago, I took Matthew to his pulmonologist to see what we could do about his trouble breathing. Some people think he has asthma. Others think the problems are because of his overly large tonsils. Still others, his sinuses. He's already had his adenoids out. Twice. They grew back. Poor kid is only three and he's had more surgeries than I have. Well, not really :)

The pulmonologist gave him a CT scan because he thought his sinuses were infected. Now, he's been on several rounds of antibiotics for sinus infections. They found he had 100% infection in four sinus cavities, 75% in one, and 50% in the other. They put him on three weeks of antibiotics. More than 2 weeks later, he's still leaking like crazy.

On to his favorite ENT today. She wants a clearer CT scan, so tomorrow afternoon Matthew gets to go under full sedation to have a CT scan. They put him on a secondary antibiotic and some steroids. He is scheduled for August 10 to have his sinuses opened up a bit more. They are going to drill holes through and open the entryways quite a bit more. Something like that. He'll have to be out of school at least a week. He'll start school for one whole day, then be out for a week.

Once his sinuses heal, he'll have to go right back in to get his tonsils out. That's another week out of school.

I can't believe how much trouble this poor kid has had in his short life. It feels like one thing after another. I try to make myself feel a bit better, in that I know it COULD be much worse. It just doesn't make it go any easier when it is your baby, and you have to hold him as he is coming out of sedation and is in pain and crying in the most pathetic way.

Keep little Matthew in your thoughts and prayers.
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