June 4th, 2004



Today, I got a new hero, and I've never even met him.

I'm fairly near graduation, but I have these pesky credits hanging around that I have to pick up. 6 social science, 3 liberal arts, 2.67 math and .67 sci/tech.

2.67 in math. When I stopped dealing craps, I stopped doing math. It's been probably too close to 15 years since I've taken a math course. The big problem is that I took a pretty heavy math course when I was at Auburn. There's this pesky rule that you can't take a course that is LESSER than what you already have credit for.

I wanted to take CLEP exams for the credits I need. We couldn't find a CLEP exam that was less than what I had credit for. I was REALLY frustrated.

Enter my new academic counselor. He did some research for me last night and found some obscure exception policy for the university that says that if you have over 5 credits in a particular study above a certain level, and you need less than 3 credits, you can use liberal arts (in other words, any course you want) to cover those credits.

NO MATH!!!! I can take ANY CLEP exam and it counts.

He is my hero. Antonio, you rule.

I took the day off because I still wasn't feeling up to work, and in the afternoon I went by the bookstore to look for CLEP review guides. I ended up getting an early Father's day gift for Scott. Hardcover of both of the new Neal Stephenson novels. He should be well-read and happy for a good while.

We get to go out on a date tomorrow night! Dinner and a movie. :)
I was supposed to go out to the movies tonight with my girlfriends, and then spend tomorrow at the pool with one of them and our kids. She wrote today that she grabbed a super-saver to San Antonio and her and the family hopped on the plane with three hours notice. I wish I was that spontaneous at times.

Nah - I like my lazy lifestyle.
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