May 31st, 2004


I know Scott thinks I'm losing my mind, but I do this every so often.
Yesterday, I started small. I took all of the gems and fossils off of
the mantle and dusted them, cleaned the mantle, and rearranged them.
Then I did the same for the kitchen bar. Late last night, starting at
about 10 pm, I took on our closet under the stairs.

This closet is HUGE - it goes back at least 12 feet and then L's back
under the stairs to form a 5 foot by 7 foot rectangle at the end. It
was FULL all the way up to the door. I started pulling things out,
sorting what belonged to the kids and what belonged to Scott and me.
I threw out a bunch of stuff, especially very small toys and baby
stuff. I started making a break with the emotional items, like a
6 inch stack of scribbles the boys made when they first started
coloring :) I got the first 6 feet of the closet clear, with just
the vacuum cleaner, my sewing machine, my elliptical trainer, and
a folding table neatly stacked within.

Maybe next week I'll get to the rest of the closet. *sigh*
I have much schoolwork to do today and tomorrow, and I know I'm only
doing this stuff to procrastinate.
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