May 22nd, 2004


The Numbers. Make the go away.

I truly think I am losing my mind. I was up until around
1:00 am last night/this morning working on schoolwork.
I had a simulation where I had to calculate the future
and present values of different scenarios on ordinary
annuities, perpetuities, annuities due, uneven cash flows,
and other joyous financial issues I hope to never directly
deal with. There is a reason I don't handle my own


I like money. At least, I like having it and spending it.
But the fact that I am about to go out and buy a financial
calculator rubs me the wrong way. I think it is worth the
$30 to not have to sit around in the wee hours and do
calculations like:

PMT(1+Interest) + PMT ((1+I)*(1+I)) + PMT ((1+I)*(1+I)*(1+I))...
to figure out values over an 8 month hand using
only my computer's calculator


When I got around to doing the other part of my homework,
where I only had to figure out earnings per share based
on different EBIT and interest actually felt

Only 3 more weeks and I'm done with finance until I have
to do my final school project for my degree. YAY!!!!!!!!!
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