May 21st, 2004


Life goes on

Today began uneventfully. Is it REALLY Friday? I can't believe I
leave for Austin in two days. I really need to pack.

This morning, before school, the boys and I sat down and watched
video of The Cockroach Museum here in
our own Plano, TX. If you aren't familiar with the Cockroad Museum, I'll
give you the history in a nutshell. A few years ago, a pest control company
ran a contest to find the biggest cockroach in the Dallas area. That
spawned the idea of - "Hey! Now that we HAVE the biggest cockroach, how
do we share this great find?". Thus was born the Cockroach Museum. They
have lots of sets, with dressed up roaches such as Marilyn Monroach,
Liberoachy, and others.

God, I'm proud to live here. :)

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Onward ho - I must find food
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