May 20th, 2004


Random musings

We had a 'Goodbye Jillions' lunch today to see Jill off
during her last week at Sun. As you can see, Gwen and I
had a great time. It was good to see Mike in town for the
event. Too bad it took someone leaving the company to get
all of these people together.

I also finally got some pics of the boys at school,
misc. Huntsville pics and other pics, such as Jill with the kids.

When my mom and I visited Huntsville a few weeks ago,
The Holiday Inn at Madison's Queer Mall billed us for a
'Room with a View'. So, I HAD to open the curtains to see
what our 'view' was.

Ok, I'm rambling here. That's what I get for trying to get this
done before leaving for my Mothers of Multiples meeting. I think
after the meeting, I'm meeting up with the Merry Band of Thieves
(Colleen, Angela, and Kim...maybe a few others) for drinks and
dancing at the Down Under.
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