May 10th, 2004


Do THIS: Get fit

Mother's day went fairly well. The Gumbo was yummy, but like most Cajun
chefs, my husband cooks for an army instead of a family of four. We have
about 10 gallons of gumbo either in the fridge or freezer. The good thing
is that it is always BETTER reheated than it originally was!

The boys got me a beautiful hydrangea with a glass dragonfly
in it. (I would take pics, but I'm feeling lazy) Scott got me a gift
card from Michael's (craft store). We ate champagne and strawberries
after the boys went to sleep. What a great end to the day.

Today, I somehow convinced my physical terrorist that he needed to let
me use their treadmill three times a week for the duration of my therapy.
Hopefully, that will give me the jump start I need to get back in shape.
I had lost 35 pounds, but with my back getting really bad I gained 10
back. That only is part of it - because while there were only 10 pounds
gained back, I know I lost a lot of muscle mass and gained fat, so feel
miserable in my body again. I'm hoping that working on the treadmill
three times a week will get me started back. I've got a mini-trampoline
here at home, but have found that is too jarring for my back.

We're going to whip Trish into shape if it kills her! :)
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