May 3rd, 2004


And a good time was had by all...

I had a wonderful three days in Huntsville, my old haunt.
I got to see several old friends, see the new offspring of
many of those friends, and drink way too much. Perhaps
the highlight of the weekend was going to a prom party
with Wes that was in honor of the birthday of Jen and Bre.
Wes was the only person I knew at the party, yet everyone
was extremely nice and inclusive. They made me all feel
like part of the crowd.

I haven't done any sorting or labeling, but the web site
below has all of my pics for the night.

Get your Prom Night Photos here!

I know most everyone said they were on LJ, but I've only been
able to find two to add. If you know who others are on here,
please let me know!

Thanks for a great time, guys!!!
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