April 29th, 2004


Potato bugs and a frosty

Ok, I've decided that a Frosty from Wendy's is perhaps
the world's most perfect dessert (next to hot cherry
cobbler over vanilla bean ice cream - which is TOP
of the list). I think my purpose is to GAIN as much
weight as possible before going home for a visit :)
We had Taco Bell and Frostys for dinner tonight. YUM!

Thankfully, I had finished before seeing what will cause
my nightmares from now on *laugh* I watched an old Fear
Factor, where they had to fire a potato out of a bazooka
at a target, and the number they hit was how many potato
bugs they had to eat. The potato bugs were BITING them
as they picked them up and tried to chew them up. These
things are HUGE. I think it's gross - but then again,
some people think it is horrible that I eat snails. To
me, they are yummy. :)

I'm getting excited about my trip and need to start packing
tonight. I won't have much time tomorrow night and the flight
is very early Saturday morning. I really need the three
days off though. I almost bit the head off a girl at work
today, when usually I can take her flip-flopping on issues
with no problems.

Huntsville, please provide me with one of my REALLY ENJOYABLE
trips instead of one of my trips that reminds me why I left :)
Many times, I will visit and see lots of people I know, drink
lots, go dancing, get along with my best friend, flirt lots,
and have a great time. Other times, I find myself driving
around the city bored for hours or days. I WILL make this a
good trip