April 21st, 2004


And away we go....

I had a little bit of a breather earlier to go do some fun things. It's been almost two
years since I have had any 'extra' time where I didn't feel guilty for not using it to
do schoolwork. I only have a few more classes to go though - I think 9 total - until
graduation! They sent me my graduation paperwork last week.

What fun things did I do? I caught up with Gene's Blog.
Pretty scary high-res earth satellite imagery tool from Keyhole.com.
Plano is one of the cities in the demo package and you could enter our address and
get a picture of our house clear enough to see the car parked out front. You could pick
out individual trees, see my neighbor's pool, and other details. So yes, the answer is
that Big Brother truly IS watching you. Plano wasn't even one of the 'detailed' cities.
We were at like a meter and Dallas proper resolved to within ONE FOOT!

I also took a personality test online, can't remember where, which seemed to think I
was motherly, a submissive extrovert, and extremely patient. It said I had trouble
taking control, but that people thought it was 'cute' when I did. I wonder if the people
I work with would agree with that??? (Most definately NOT - my husband seems to
think I'm quite arrogant and bitchy at work sometimes) Another test on the same site
said I was 48% wench. So, I take the personality test results with a grain of salt.

I don't know why I'm writing instead of sitting down in a dark room with a cold pack
on my head. I'm battling a massive migraine, have taken my medicine several times,
but just can't seem to stay laying down. Too restless.

Well, back to trying and here's hoping this passes soon. I mean, wouldn't the world
stop if I didn't immediately know who was thrown off of American Idol?
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