trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

First day of school

My camera had a few days of...issues. That meant all of my pictures from the first day of Kindergarten are on my PHONE. Not the highest quality, but at least it was captured.

Michael and Matthew sit down at one of the tables.

Matthew figures out his new water bottle.

Outside of the classroom.

Mrs. Gallagher, only the sweetest kindergarten teacher EVAH! She was reading this story about the Kissing Hand. If you aren't familiar with it, it is about a mommy and child raccoon. The little boy is going off to school for the first time, and is very upset because he doesn't want to leave his mom. She kisses the palm of his left hand, and tells him it is his kissing hand. Anytime he misses her, he can put that hand to his cheek and he'll have her kiss. No amount of washing will make it unstick, so it will always be with him.

Backstory - Mrs. Gallagher took six years off to be with her kids. The youngest was starting preschool today and it was her first day away from the kids. While reading the story, SHE started crying, and kept skipping parts because they would upset her even more. It was actually touching and funny at the same time. I'm glad the boys ended up with someone structured, yet still caring.

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