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Trip to Georgia

My flight out to Georgia was uneventful, thankfully, since I'm terrified of flying :) Kind of strange for going to visit a couple of skydivers! I was waiting at the baggage claim when I saw some bouncing purple balloons. I KNEW it had to be georgiaskydiver.

We ate lunch at the airport, and had our first of *ahem* a FEW drinks. Heck, it was noon SOMEWHERE. We decided the drinking time was 'when we were awake' for the rest of the visit. It was somewhat sad to see so many military people shipping out, but uplifting to see people banding together to stand and applaud as they walked onto the concourse. I wish I had gotten pictures of some of them.

On our way back to GS's house, we set our priorities and stopped at the liquor store. You know, they give discounts on cases of wine, and when you get over a certain number of 'large' bottles of liquor. We can NOT ignore a chance to 'save' money. I was going to be there for 5 days, and we got $350 worth of alcohol. DOH! We didn't finish it all, but we made a sporting try.

The first day was relaxing. We just drank, watched movies, and were sloths. It was GREAT!!!! I got to play with the Little Guy, and get to know the Big Guy a bit. We had to go out on Thursday because we had NO FOOD. Plenty of liquid refreshment, nothing else *laugh*Anyway,remember the biscuit dough GS found, but she wasn't sure which YEAR the January expiration date was in? Well, the yeast was still active. While standing in the kitchen, we felt like we were under fire as the trash bag EXPLODED!

Note to self: Go to Schwan's

Since we were going to the grocery store, we also stopped for some new movies (BTW - the remake of 'When a Stranger Calls' sucks!), to get a spray-on tan, and for GS to get her wedding ring resized. GS was going to 'drop it off' then come get her tan. I watched a tanning video, got my tan, dried, off, and went looking for her.

Do NOT allow GS in a jewelry store unattended. I've learned my lesson. ;)

She got her tan and we bought lots of food and snacks.

Friday morning, bright and early, our driver came to pick us up for our spa day. What a WONDERFUL and relaxing day! We each drank a bottle of champagne while there! It made the massages, facials, pedicures and my manicure go...just great. We got a third locker for our snacks and champagne, and kept sneaking back to refill :) We had lunch brought in and realized that yet another place doesn't understand what 'vegetarian' means. GS is veggie - I'm a carnivore. My lunch was a bed of lettuce with chicken on it. Hers was a bed of lettuce, with tomatoes on it. Ummm, can you say PROTEIN? After making us into marshmallows, our driver came back to take us home to become one with the couch. And the vanilla rum.

Here we are at the beginning of our spa day, looking perky:

And halfway through the day, we had already become liquid:

Can't forget our toes!!!! Bright and happy!

Now, you may be asking yourself how we went so far into our trip and there was NO SHOPPING! Can't let that happen. Saturday, we got up and went to the Mall of Georgia. I think we did maybe a quarter of the mall in 6 or so hours *laugh* The Nordstrom shoe department sucked us in, and BOY did that sales guy know how to play me. I found three pair of neat and reasonable sandals I wanted to try on. The salesman brought out an additional pair, just KNOWING I would fall in love with them and get them, no matter what the cost. GS has pictures of my shoes, but just suffice it to say they are leopard print sandals, bronze bands with sparkly buckles. AWESOME pair of Mephisto shoes that I didn't even see out on display. GS got several pair, and ordered my favorite pair on her - really high heeled leopard print, open-toed dress shoes. God, save us from our shoe obsession!

We also hit the Discover store, and I found a couple of gifts to take back for the kids - a glow in the dark solar system for Michael to hang in his room, and a 3-D dinosaur book for Matthew. GS got great little gifts, and then ended up giving me a purple nightshirt that has cute striped shoes on it. :)

Hey - if any of you have a spare $200, I NEED THIS. I won't tell you what it does, or why I need it, but if you have a Brookstone near you, go try one. Just hit the power button.

Going along in the mall, GS noticed Glamour Shots and said it would be funny if we did that. Of course, later on, she thanked me for the great idea. *laugh* I'm not going to say much more about the photo shoot until the pictures came in except that we laughed so hard it hurt, our photographer had no sense of humor (a fact GS took advantage of), and we can be hot, sexy babes. Here she is getting ready for the shoot:

There were other stores, and other purchases, of course. When we got back, I told the BG that his wife had outshopped me, which rarely happens. He said it is no wonder, because she is a professional. I agree now, and bow down before her superior consumerism.

Since there was a great deal of construction on the road into Atlanta, we were going to have to leave around 5 am Sunday morning to make it in time for my flight. We made the best choice in the WORLD and booked a room at the Westin near the airport. It not only let us sleep in, but also provided us with excellent room service and a chance to drink wine while soaking in the world's largest bathtub. I think it was SUPPOSED to be a hot tub, but it was luke warm and cold water was coming out of the jets. The jets were also all on the seats and God FORBID you get your skin on one. They HURT! Thank goodness for alcohol so you don't mind.

Despite our early morning, we stayed up talking late. It was sad to see everything come to an end. :( I miss them already.

Anyway, here are a few shots from around the house, and our evenings out in the backyard.

I am in love with their backyard, and especially the two level deck.

Everyone's favorite slobber-dog, Bulldozer.

Some shots of the Big Guy in his natural state:

Mr. Mom:

Some GS shots (LOOK! She knows how to load a dishwasher!!!!):

After hearing about thin hair a few times, I showed her my secret to 'quick fix' thin hair or bedhead:

Gotta have some pictures of the Little Guy, as well!

I love my shoes, made some great new memories, and miss these guys so much. It's their turn to visit next!

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