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Yay for travel

The tickets are booked, and on Wednesday I travel for four wonderful days with georgiaskydiver

I'm so psyched! I need to pack and pay bills first. I have to pack. Tomorrow I have to give my vacation notice to my boss and the guest dog goes home. Tuesday night, Tae Kwon Do with the kids and get Scott ready to take the boys for Meet the Teacher night on Friday. All of this and I'll be back in time for their first day of school on Monday!

*bounce bounce*


Aug. 6th, 2006 06:05 am (UTC)
California - near Disneyland.

I was just kinda hoping you know like the plane might have to divert 50,000 miles out of the way and I'd get a chance to say hi! (I'm also very near John Wayne Int'l Airport - in case you have any input with the pilot). :-) Have FUN!!!!