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Matthew had his surgery this morning and it has been a REALLY long day today. And it is just now 4:00. We had to be at the hospital at 7:30 to get him checked in. They soon took us back and we changed Matthew into nifty yellow 'I'm a good patient' jammies. He received what I call his 'happy juice', a cocktail to give wakeful sedation. The nurse called it 'liquid courage'. They gave him a stethoscope to play with and before long he was trying to listen to his feet and the wall. :)

Shortly thereafter, they rolled him off for sinus surgery. When I asked the doctor how long it should take, she said anywhere from a half hour to an hour. While we were checking in all morning, I had seen her and other doctors coming out into the waiting room to tell parents and other family that their loved ones had come through their surgeries with no problems. An hour and a half after his surgery started, the doctor came to the door and motioned me to come talk with her in the next room.

My heart leapt up into my throat. Why wasn't she coming out into the waiting room to tell me things had gone fine, and why did it take way longer than she thought it would?

She proceeded to tell me that they were able to enlarge the openings for the sinus cavities on Matthew's right side with no problems. They had problems going into the left because of the nature of the substance that was clogging them. He started bleeding. They finally got him to stop bleeding, but weren't able to do things as well as they wanted because of it. Everything was fine after that, but because of the bleeding and problems, they would not be able to do the high-pressure irrigation they had planned for every few days after the surgery to clear things out. Instead, he has to come back and do the surgery AGAIN two weeks from Friday. :(

Matthew was pretty grumpy when he came out of his anesthesia, and was not pleased with the IV coming out of his arm. He got shot up with morphine because of the pain in his head. He also is swelled in the face and looks like he'll have quite the black eye on the left side. We got some apple juice in him and I spent a good hour filling wet washcloths with blood from his nose. (Sorry to be so graphic, but that's what we did). He wouldn't eat an ice pop, wouldn't drink anything past one cup of juice and they finally decided enough was enough. He got the IV removed and I carried him out to the car (Scott is out of town on business with his new job and couldn't reschedule). He's been laying on the couch off and on ever since we came home and I just dosed him with Vicoden again.

I'm trying to decide whether to have him sleep with me tonight, or if he will be ok in his own room, which is just outside our door. The only problem with his room is Michael. The last thing I need is for Michael to jump into Matthew's bed and try to wrestle with him in the morning.

One cheerful thing today though - when my mother brought Michael home from school, he had a card made by Matthew's class. All of the other students had done handprints and wished him to be better soon. He's only been in school for one week, and he'll be out for the next week or so. Then he MIGHT get to go back to school for a few days before he has to go through it all over again - including being out of school for another week to a week and a half.

With all of this going on, I haven't been doing my back and stomach exercises like I should, and have been carrying Matthew around more than usual. I think I've got another herniated disk (same one, I'm assuming, just aggravated again) in my lower back, so I'm sneaking off for a few minutes tomorrow, while mom watches Matthew, to see what can be done.
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