trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

rant, rant, rant

It just doesn't stop. Not at all. I have such a GREAT life. Beautiful children. Good job. I'm pretty much happy.

My body just HATES me.

Today, I went for my annual with my gyn. Thanks to the good old BRCA2 variation, along with bi-annual mammograms, I am supposed to have bi-annual sonograms of my ovary (which you'll find out my new name for in a minute) and a CA125 test. Before going to see the doctor today, his tech gave me a sono. When I went in to talk to the doc, he said there is no sign of cancer. However, comparing my ovary to a sono done at the end of 2004, it is down to 1/3 or so of its size. With the fact that I have almost non-existant hormone levels, he said that I am in perimenopause.

Great. I'm 36 and starting menopause.

With all of these things, he has recommended I get my remaining ovary, now named 'Shrinky-Dink', removed. Instant menopause. Oh, and while we are there, why not just get rid of my uterus and cervix, too, since I had pre-cancer in my cervix some years ago.

I really don't get why these things happen to me. I'm still trying to come to terms with the idea of a prophylactic mastectomy.

Scott and I spent a few hours discussing it, and researching information on the net. Unless something changes (like me actually starting to have menopause signs, or signs of cancer) we are going to try to wait a couple of years. phenway, I had to think of you when all of this was happening today. You have Lefty, I have Shrinky-Dink.

I am just going to sit here tonight, watch TV, and eat an entire bag of Chex mix.
Tags: brca
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