trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Goodnight, sweetheart

We didn't go to class tonight because Tuesday night kicked my ass in ways I didn't know it could be kicked. My ribs hurt, and I can't imagine what would have caused that. My shoulders and arm muscles hurt, no doubt from catching myself with all of the falls and trying to push myself up. That also caused some stomach muscles to get worked. At least I know I got a good workout.

I also had a smile tonight because my hubby got home a little while ago. What did he do while sitting over on his laptop? Play World of Warcraft? Look on some of his bulletin boards? Research new technology? No. He read my journal. :) It made me smile because sometimes we get so wrapped up in our lives, the kids, work and just getting through the day that we don't really get to communicate about the little things. However, I try to dump some of those little thoughts in my journal, and it warms my heart to think of Scott keeping up with them. It shows me he wants to keep up with what I've been doing and how I feel.

I love you, hon.

As stated earlier, I feel like I've been hit head on by a Mack truck, so I'm going to bed. Tonight, the Matthew-nater had better sleep through the night with no screaming nightmares. I should have slipped him Benadryl before bed *laugh*

BTW - our floor looks like a staged dog scene. All three of the dogs are laying exactly the same way, but about five feet apart. All in a row, facing the same direction. I love getting to know all of these dogs that stay with us, as have Pepper and Barqs. However, you miss each one when they go. I can't imagine being a foster parent, and the strength it must take to give love to a child and then send them on their way.
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