trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Those kids just won't believe

Michael and Matthew think they are going to be skaters. They beg for boards, but all they have so far are scooters, plus all of the safety equipment. Maybe in the next year or so, I'll get them a good starter board.

Anyway, this all leads into something that happened this morning. They saw a picture of my friend John Erbach, and they now think I know Tony Hawk. No matter how much I tell them John is not Tony, they insist I know him. They have things they want to show him, they want to see him skate, etc. Maybe I should just take them to Huntsville, let them meet Erbach, and they can spend the rest of their life thinking they met Tony Hawk :)

For one - I'm not even sure how they know who Tony Hawk is, but that's another matter.

Just so you can see:

John Erbach:

Tony Hawk:
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