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Meme from allykatt

This is a pretty interesting meme.

Write about a memory from your life using these as prompt words to pull up the memory.

1st memory- fireflies
2nd memory- blue
3rd memory- bridge
4th memory- sunburn
5th memory- romance

1) Fireflies: I can remember being about 9 or 10, spending the twilight hours chasing fireflies (or lightening bugs for those of you raised in the South with me). We would catch them and put them in a jar, to light up in our bedroom for the night. That wasn't the only thing we did with them, however. I feel bad about this now, and would probably reprimand my kids for doing this. We would smush their tails and rub that on ourselves, and you would end up with the glow in the dark paint. Finally, at some point, I ended up with a lightening bug in my mouth (flew there?) and the taste was such a strong memory that there are certain tastes that remind me of it. For example, when a french fry has gone a bit bad, it tastes just like a dead lightening bug. People think I'm weird when I talk about dead lightening bug tastes, but it's something you would only know if you experienced it.

There is a new memory on fireflies. We took our boys last year up to Indiana to visit family. Scott's Uncle Paul and Aunt Nancy gave Michael and Matthew two butterfly nets. Each night, we would go out into the yard and the boys would capture lightning bugs in their nets. We don't really have them here in Plano, TX, so this was such a novel experience for them.

2) Blue: As a teenager, I was so upset that I didn't have blue eyes. It was my one feature that I REALLY didn't like. At one point, I considered blue contacts. Fortunately, I outgrew this obsession with being the 'blonde, blue-eyes girl' and grew to love my hazel eyes. When I cry, they turn BRIGHT green. The rest of the time, you can pick out blue, yellow, green and everything in between.

3) Bridge: Here's a big one. There used to be a small bridge in Huntsville going over the Tennessee river. When my mother was growing up (and up until I was little), it was a single bridge with one or two lanes going each way. My mother has vivid memories, which she shared with me as a child, of her step-father driving them over the bridge, in heavy fog, and telling the kids to watch out of the window and let him know if he was about to hit the side. It terrified her enough that she is scared to death of bridges. She passed some of that on to me, but thankfully only truss bridges.

4) Sunburn: When we went to Costa Rica as a reward from my company, one of the activities was taking a catamaran out to Tortuga Island for the day. We all had a great time slathering on the sunscreen and laying out on the boat while we went over there. Then they told us we could leave our stuff on the boat, and we disembarked to hang out on the beach. Surprisingly, then the boat pulled out to anchor way the heck away from us. Our stuff was on there! That included sunscreen. We ended up spending an entire day on the beach of an island in Costa Rica. Amazingly, our bodies themselves, while sunburned, weren't so bad. Our FEET were another matter. Especially mine. That night, we both started getting a bit ill. Scott had gotten into something in the water while snorkeling. I had second and third degree burns on my feet. I couldn't wear shoes for a couple of weeks. My doctor when I got home gave me some of that silver stuff for burns, bandaged them, and I still couldn't wear shoes. At this time, I was going into the office at Sun every day. How professional is it to hobble around with bandaged feet and no shoes? *laugh* Needless to say, I try to watch sunscreen pretty well now.

5) Romance: I don't really have big 'romance' memories. I remember crushes and childhood infatuations. My romance memories are more involved, and less Harlequin novel. Coming out of a very abusive relationship quite some time back, I was very hurt. Scott and I met during this time, and he became a very good friend. He never made advances on me, but sat and talked to me. He listened as I tried to heal. He watched me go through a couple of rebound relationships that weren't that healthy. All the while, he was a good friend. He waited patiently until I woke up enough to realize that what I needed in a relationship was my best friend, who had been there all along. Scott isn't the most romantic, sensitive guy around. He's actually quite stubborn, quiet and keeps his feelings locked inside. However, he can be the most thoughtful and caring person. He can't stand to see me hurt. He is free with hugs when they are needed. He lets me work problems out on my own, supports my decisions, but is there if I need him. When I am sick or busy, he takes the boys out to do something without being asked. He always makes me laugh. After more than 15 years, where my hormones have gotten worse and worse, he has dealt with the mood swings, the depression, and the lack of sex drive. The whole while, as I stress about what this must do to him, he simply smiles, hugs me, and says that he isn't with me for the sex. He's with me because he loves me.

It may not make for the most romantic story in many people's eyes, but to me? That's true romance.

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