trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

It's Official!

Yes, it is official. I am the mother of sons.

Today, much to the dismay of the 20-something hottie in the sporting good store who had to explain everything to me, I made my first athletic supporter / cup purchase for Michael and Matthew :)

I also lucked out at Play-It-Again Sports and got $420 worth of sparring gear for less than $200. The three of us are outfitted with the exception of my lack of a chest guard. They didn't have one, so I'm going to have to look at eBay, or buy one.

Matthew got some really good gear - a Macho Warrior set in metallic blue. His was the only full 'set'. Michael got white headgear, red boots and shin guards, and blue gloves. I got red headgear (lucked into one that actually costs $80 new because it is a full head protector instead of one that straps under the chin), red boots and shin guards, and black gloves.

While he had a good time going through sparring gear with us, the poor clerk seemed quite flustered when I told him I needed groin protection for the kids and also needed him to help me size it and learn how to properly use it *laugh*
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