trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

The Max Dog

Our latest guest dog (the name has stuck, because the boys now ask about the next 'guest dog') is the sweetest little Havanese! He's 4, white and grey and incredibly well-behaved. The dogs are all getting along well. He looks very much like the dog in this picture - since he has his summer cut, he doesn't currently have the long hair generally associatedf with a Havanese.

Just a cutie. It will be hard to see him go in three days.

The owner wrote a four page letter letting us know about Max, so you know he is well loved and just as spoiled as can be ;) We're trying to keep up our end of that. Right now, I'm in the recliner with Barqs across my lap and Max across my legs. I think Barqs likes Max better than she did Frazier.

I'm sure I'll have pictures later as I take some for the owner.

I love this pet sitting thing. We get to experience different breeds of dogs, keep our dogs socialized, and make other pet owners feel better about leaving their animals. Everybody wins.
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