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Damn you, genebob!!!

I was all snuggly in my pajamas, recently showered, watching TV and playing games. That's when the IM came from genebob. A single word. Boba.

He knows my weakness for Boba. Those of you not familiar with this, it's a drink (usually sweetened and creamed tea, or a fruit smoothie) which has these quarter-inch black tapioca balls at the bottom. You drink it with a really fat straw so that sometimes a yummy, chewy bubble comes up the straw.

Thankfully, there is a Lollicup about midway between our houses. I believe we were there within a half-hour. Yes, I changed out of my jammies. :) We sat around drinking our Boba in the Korean Internet Cafe, and I bought lots of pastries (red bean, milk custard, banana-shaped banana bread). Afterwards, we took a stroll around the grocery store. It's so interesting to look at all of the foods, especially the things considered 'treats'. I got some candy for the boys, which they'll love. The best part was deciding to have my own Dim Sum. I found pork dumplings, shrimp dumplings, pork steamed buns, shrimp balls, all manner of Dum Sum fare. No sticky rice, though :(. Today or tomorrow, we'll steam and pan-fry all of this up and have a great meal. There was a second bakery stop, which I limited to two items.

After parting ways, I came home and settled down to a small slice of EVERY SINGLE KIND of pastry I bought. So yummy.

It made for an unexpected, yet delightful, break for the evening.


Jul. 25th, 2006 04:24 am (UTC)
I so do NOT like those things! The balls are just too....WEIRD!