trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Lessons for the day

- If you have recently burned yourself so bad that you are peeling, do not apply self-tanner, no matter HOW MUCH you exfoliate beforehand. It will only end up looking spotty by the end of the day.

- You pick up more than you realize, even if you aren't participating. The boys and I have been taking classes where there are many different levels in Tae Kwon Do. The instructors try to make the classes interesting for all. The boys and I missed two weeks of class, went last week, and assumed that we would be left out of the pre-test tonight. WRONG. The instructor didn't know we had missed that much, and tested us anyway, and all three of us actually knew the things we needed for the orange stripe on our yellow belt. That means we are approved for the actual test next week. Wow - that could mean orange belt next month.

- If you are coming off of a two-day stomach bug, do NOT decide to get a BK Stacker from Burger King. No matter how good it looks and smells. Your stomach will blow up like a damn balloon and it will hurt.

- Oh, and if you are going to committ to a sport, find out how much it actually costs in the long-run before starting. I just didn't think of how much Tae Kwon Do would cost as we started progressing. There are the monthly class fees, which aren't that much (except that they are for THREE people). There are the belt and stripe tests. Kids grow out of their uniforms, so you have to buy new gi. Now, since we are approaching yellow belt, we have to get sparring gear. TIMES THREE! Looking in this catalog, that's over $100 each. I'm about to hit eBay, and tomorrow I'm calling the used sports equipment places. I'll be damned if I'm paying $100 for sparring gear for a 5-year-old (two of them) that will just need new ones next year.
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