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Lessons for the day

- If you have recently burned yourself so bad that you are peeling, do not apply self-tanner, no matter HOW MUCH you exfoliate beforehand. It will only end up looking spotty by the end of the day.

- You pick up more than you realize, even if you aren't participating. The boys and I have been taking classes where there are many different levels in Tae Kwon Do. The instructors try to make the classes interesting for all. The boys and I missed two weeks of class, went last week, and assumed that we would be left out of the pre-test tonight. WRONG. The instructor didn't know we had missed that much, and tested us anyway, and all three of us actually knew the things we needed for the orange stripe on our yellow belt. That means we are approved for the actual test next week. Wow - that could mean orange belt next month.

- If you are coming off of a two-day stomach bug, do NOT decide to get a BK Stacker from Burger King. No matter how good it looks and smells. Your stomach will blow up like a damn balloon and it will hurt.

- Oh, and if you are going to committ to a sport, find out how much it actually costs in the long-run before starting. I just didn't think of how much Tae Kwon Do would cost as we started progressing. There are the monthly class fees, which aren't that much (except that they are for THREE people). There are the belt and stripe tests. Kids grow out of their uniforms, so you have to buy new gi. Now, since we are approaching yellow belt, we have to get sparring gear. TIMES THREE! Looking in this catalog, that's over $100 each. I'm about to hit eBay, and tomorrow I'm calling the used sports equipment places. I'll be damned if I'm paying $100 for sparring gear for a 5-year-old (two of them) that will just need new ones next year.


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Jul. 21st, 2006 07:29 pm (UTC)
1. Do not eat at Burger King. Ever. Aside from it being horrendously unhealthy, I worked there for 2 days in high school. All I can say is, after having seen the way they operate, I will never eat there again, even if they start serving beet salad.

2. If it makes you feel any better about the cost of sports, just be thankful you didn't take up Irish dance. A friend of mine had to buy practice gear and 2 sets of shoes, build a stage in his garage so the kid could practice, and buy competition dresses (they have to have 2 at a time, one for group, one for solo) at $1000 a pop, which, of course, the kid grows out of. Then there's the cost of traveling to the competitions..... I get the feeling he could have paid for the kid's college with the amount they've spent on dancing. Sounds like tae kwan do is a bargain in comparison. (And why do you need sparring gear? A friend of mine's daughter has her black belt, and she doesn't seem to have any gear other than the pajama-style uniform, which she's not required to wear to every lesson, so she doesn't have to have a bunch of them.)
Jul. 21st, 2006 08:00 pm (UTC)
I think the gear may be a safety issue and just another aspect of TKD. You don't have to have it to learn all of the forms, kicks, punches, etc. You do need it for safety in sparring, which you have to do short bouts of from orange belt and beyond. It's a foam head piece, mouth guard, foam gloves, foam foot coverings, shin guards, and a chest guard.

I've decided to just buy used for the boys, since they will outgrow theirs, and see if I can find a nice used set for myself. Michael wants me to get pink. Ummm...something just seems wrong about a girl taking Tae Kwon Do and walking out on the mat in all pink gear. Maybe if I was FOUR!
Jul. 21st, 2006 08:42 pm (UTC)
I agree. No pink fighting gear on tall adult woman. That's wrong on many levels. I'm not sure what to suggest. Since you go through so many different belts, it would be tough to match to the outfit. Maybe go with black...or maybe something that matches your hair for the headpiece. I'm thinking you don't want to put a big target on your head.....

But kudos for pursuing a great sport and doing it with the kids. These will be cherished memories.
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