trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

My name is Trish, and I'm a Shopoholic

I spent way too much money on frivolous stuff last month. Gotta put a stop on that (yeah, right!).

- Washer and dryer (not frivolous, but was a REQUIREMENT)
- Oreck Orbital cleaner
- Five pair of pants from the warehouse sale at Tall Etc.
- Four shirts from a sale at Fashion Bug
- Leopard print skins for my iPod and cell phone
- Three Soduko books and one Tae Kwon Do book from
- A drinking resevoir for the geckos
- A pair of padded panties (YES! Fake booty!!!!) and a bra from
- Lots of school clothes for the kids who already have too many clothes
- A new vibrating heating pad for my back on bad days
- A laptop desk where 3/4 of it tilts, and it slides under your chair to come across your chest
- Indoor/outdoor carpet for our patio
- Boogie boards for the kids

I can think of reasons NOT to have bought every single one of those things.

Oh well, at least all of my bills are paid and I'll have plenty of money for whatever trip georgiaskydiver and I end up taking next month.


BTW - the stomach bug has left the building. YAY! I am SO HUNGRY though. I haven't eaten anything in two days except for small amounts of oatmeal and water. I actually lost 5 pounds in two days (water weight, no doubt). If it didn't make you so miserable, it would be a good diet.
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