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Saturday, Part 2

Saturday night was both Brett and Bill's birthday. We always have joint birthday parties for them, and this year was no exception. This year, we had the party at Brett and Angela's new house, with about 40 or 50 of our closest friends *laugh*

VERY picture intensive post!!!!! If you don't have broadband, what good are you?

I'll just get it out of the way now. We drank. A LOT. That's the disclaimer I'll give for these photos. Things just went downhill.

No kids were allowed at the house.

The volleyball court was well marked, and lit with floodlights to allow all night play. My arms are actually BRUISED from playing, but I got off easy. Many people left with scratches and bruises, and one guy broke his toe. Of course, he was so drunk he didn't know it until this morning. They get REALLY competitive playing volleball.

We made a cake for Brett:

One of their friends made a female cake with cherry nipples, a cheerio belly button and chocolate shaving pubes. Another friend had bought a blow up doll - and I don't mean a cheap plastic one, but it literally blew up. As a last minute consolation, they cut the 'important parts' out and stuck them on a cake.

Brett also got some great presents:

Since pictures speak louder than words, I'll leave it with this. We started out civilized, and at some point were dancing on the bar. Brett picked up a few of us onto the bar and made us eat the penis cake. We were doing shots of tequilla and having a WONDERFUL time.

Since Ang was dancing on the bar, Colleen brought some bills up to give her:

I look so damn pale and big in these photos. It's enough to drive you to drink. And eat penis cake:

We finally dwindled, as people passed out or went home. At 6 am this morning, Ang, Pat (neighbor), their builder, and I stopped drinking and started to head to bed. I joined Scott upstairs in the 'Princess' room, which belongs to their 4-year-old. Pepto-pink walls, princess bed, and pink netting surrounding the bed. Chad (Brett's cousin) poked his head in around 10 and told me it was fitting I was in there, because I was sleeping like a princess. *laugh* So, with less than four hours of sleep, the three couples there in the house got up and Brett made us all a yummy breakfast: Scrambled eggs, bacon and cheese, wrapped in a tortilla. We came home around 11 and really haven't done a DAMN thing since then.

I am SOOO glad I don't get hangovers, because I know there are at least 25 or so people that must have spent today in absolute HELL!
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